Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'll eat you up, I love you so

Hat: Forever 21
Sweater: Thrifted
Trench: Old Navy, from The Brown Elephant
Jeans: Rainbow
Boots: Evans
Bag: Thrifted

I wore this out to run errands... but then it dropped 15 degrees and I had to go home and change. I really lucked out on that $15 trench coat (with the tags still on it!) from The Brown Elephant. In fact, I've scored quite a few times at that resale shop and I love that all proceeds go towards services at the Howard Brown Health Center (one of the nation's largest LGBT healthcare organizations).

I think it's a great match to the boxy purple leopard print sweater - something that is so loud and not usually my taste. I think it's quite sweet paired with the red beret and my favorite doctor bag. That bag could probably have a post of its own someday, I love it so much!


  1. Yes, agreed about the bag, it's really great. That trench is fantastic!

  2. Love the outfit, I am not a huge fan of bright colors, but really love the touch of red with the beret looks so chic!

  3. brown elephant is THE BEST! oh how i miss that place...