Monday, May 30, 2011

Forgive me...

I've been such a bad blogger. You may see consistent Tumblr posts from yours truly, but when it comes to making an actual blog post, I've been pretty lazy these days. Not to mention the weather has been absolutely terrible for motivation! Still, I found time to take the dress pictured above to my tailor for shoulder alterations and it was well worth my money (especially considering that I bought it for a mere $13 on ASOS last summer). I've been aching for a pair of espadrilles, and I think these from Style 369 may do the trick. I really feel like they'll go with nearly everything I own. The necklace will be a replacement for my other Laura Lombardi necklace that was taken from me... ugh, it's a really long story. Thankfully Urban Outfitters is carrying her jewelry now because I get a company discount (though I secretly wish they had my original one because I loved it so so much). Sally Jane Vintage has had this bag for a while, and I can't justify the price but gosh is it nice to look at.

I still haven't bought rings like I promised myself I'd do. I think these stacking rings are a great start for me and the price isn't bad for 14k gold filled and sterling silver. Lastly, all I really want this summer is good music to listen to. I already went with Ryan last Monday to see Bonnie Prince Billy for free downtown in Millenium Park. As I've said before, that is my favorite thing about summers in Chicago. It was a great start to my summer and I can't wait for more!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blue Valentine

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Talonalia
Bracelet: Species by the Thousands, from Renegade Handmade
Bag: Aldo
Tote: Borders & Frontiers, from ASOS

The sun is officially on our side in Chicago and I was finally able to debut this dress that I bought back in February. As creepy as it sounds, when I saw this dress on the rack I instantly thought of Michelle Williams. It was around the time when Blue Valentine came out and I could not shake every second of that movie out of my soul. I would literally wake up with that Penny & the Quarters song in my head every morning for about two weeks! In fact, thinking about that movie still makes me sad. It damaged me! Anyway - all sad feelings aside, I LOVE Michelle Williams. She's always seemed like my kinda gal, even during the Dawson's Creek days. I saw these press photos for Blue Valentine with her wearing this lovely blue dotted vintage inspired dress. Aren't our dresses so similar?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wild, Weird, and Creepy

Just a quick post highlighting a couple of my (almost) everyday pieces of jewelry. The skeleton bracelet is by Verameat which was a gift from Ryan for Valentine's Day. It's adjustable and supposed to look like a "monster hug" when it's wrapped around your wrist. Pretty adorable, right? Definitely the cutest Valentine's Day gift everrr. The ID bracelet is by Species by the Thousands and has a really gorgeous eyeball that was engraved into the metal. I got this at Renegade Handmade with a gift certificate I got from my sister for Christmas. I have an odd eye for jewelry (no pun intended). I do like simple jewelry, but my heart will always prefer the wild, weird, and creepy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stripe Season

Blazer: We The Free, from Crossroads
Top: Gap
Shorts, Necklace: Thrift
Shoes: H&M
Bracelets: Verameat, and Species by the Thousands

Today's outfit is definitely inspired by one of my favorite brands, J. Crew. I've been a fan for years because of their incredible ability to make prepster clothes not preppy, and instead, cool, fresh, and relevant. In a way I'm glad that they don't carry my size because I know I'd be in trouble! Their brilliant styling continues to make me look at my own wardrobe in different ways. So really, I blame them for giving me the idea to pair my blazers with ripped up jeans and silk blouses paired with sneakers. None of it really makes sense but in the end I'm happy I took an unpopular idea and made it my own.