Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wild, Weird, and Creepy

Just a quick post highlighting a couple of my (almost) everyday pieces of jewelry. The skeleton bracelet is by Verameat which was a gift from Ryan for Valentine's Day. It's adjustable and supposed to look like a "monster hug" when it's wrapped around your wrist. Pretty adorable, right? Definitely the cutest Valentine's Day gift everrr. The ID bracelet is by Species by the Thousands and has a really gorgeous eyeball that was engraved into the metal. I got this at Renegade Handmade with a gift certificate I got from my sister for Christmas. I have an odd eye for jewelry (no pun intended). I do like simple jewelry, but my heart will always prefer the wild, weird, and creepy.


  1. I love both of thsese pieces! They're surely unique in their eccentric appearance and I'm certain I'd be happy wearing either of them, or both! Love them! :)

  2. yay! glad you used the gift certificate.

  3. aww how cute of him to gift it to you for v-day. a monster hug :DD very adorable. its a cool bracelte i really like it

    Anita Riot

  4. I would love to rock that bracelet! soooooooo unique and creepy in a very cute sort of way. love

  5. what a great combination. i'll be sad if they're not worn simultaneously :)

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