Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Hey guys! I'm not even going to mention how long it's been since I've posted because it's really embarrassing and I'm actually pretty ashamed of the hiatus! I've had a lot of life changes the past year including a job promotion to a manager at the boutique I work at! Yay! Growing up is funny because every year it feels like a major life change is happening, and every time it feels so overwhelming and new, and then you get through the year and life throws another curve ball.

One of the curve balls that I started to deal with last June was getting really bad stress-related acne. It all started when Ryan lost his job in February and we were still living in our Lakeview apartment which was too expensive for me to pay on my own for the 6 months of him being unemployed, but I still somehow managed to get by. Anyway - I was constantly worried about money and it was finally starting to show on my face. It started out on the sides of my cheeks, so it was super easy to conceal but also easy to ignore because other people couldn't see it. It was around the time that I stopped posting on this blog when it got really bad. I've had a lot of great outfit-post opportunities but I haven't been able to get past my skin to post anything.

I was approached by Simone France back in November to do a product review of their skincare line. Perfect timing, right? They ask you to fill out a form on their website before ordering any product for a personalized analysis of your skin type, what you're currently using on your face, and their understanding of how your skin is reacting to it. This was extremely informative and eye opening! I learned so much about the product I purposely bought for my acne and how it was effecting my skin. After hearing back from the skin care experts, I was recommended certain products and received them all at the beginning of December.