Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shades of light

Lately I've been seeing little hints of spring and the anticipation of warm weather is killing me. I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I've lost sleep thinking about spring outfits! I decided to put a little bit of my day dreaming to rest and bought these sunglasses with a gift card to Nordstrom, but ended up returning them because I wasn't 100% in love with them. Even though I really tried to talk myself into getting a nice pair of sunglasses, I'm still not completely sold on the idea. With so many affordable options out there and so many styles coming in and out of style, I'm wondering is it really worth the investment? (Probably so, but I'm trying to get real here!)

House of Harlow 1960 - $125 // Urban Outfitters - $18
Cat eye sunglasses look best on me, and I really love both of these. I wish the UO pair were a little classier like the House of Harlow pair, but the look is so similar that I'd be okay settling for the cheaper option.

Karen Walker - $170 // Anthropologie - $24
I think this is such a fun style! The Anthropologie pair actually has four different color options... even more fun! I chose the dark green in the photo, but I'm loving them in dark orange.

Karen Walker - $180 // Need Supply - $18
Obsessed with all things coral. The pair from Need supply are peachier, but I'm obsessed with that too so whatevs.

Super - $161 // Nastygal - $40
Can we say identical? Obviously, the Super version has darker lenses, but honestly, you couldn't get closer to the original version! I noticed that 80's purple sells these copycats for $10 but are sold out in tortoise (black is still available).

Illesteva - $160 // ASOS - $25
I love a wacky color, but these would make me crazy in tortoise. I think this style is so adorable, though!


  1. I always bought cheap sunglasses and it was good because I seemed to loose them or leave them in the car seat (then sit on them when I got in). About a year ago I bought a nice pair of Calvin Klein ones, they aren't terribly expensive as it is but they were on clearance at Dillard's. I think I paid around $20, and it was a terrific purchase. They feel different and you can tell in the materials and especially the tint. I'd recommend you buy one expensive pair of sunglasses that are well-made, it's up to you if they are basic or statement. Then you can spend on cheaper ones if you want something different. I just bought a floral pair at UO.
    Happy shopping!

  2. Honestly I buy (and break) so many sunglasses that I only buy cheap. I loooove the first UO ones you posted, more than the House of Harlow ones actually.

  3. love your picks, esp. the first two ones, love the vintage and unique-ness. ;)

  4. i also have a difficult time rationalizing spending a significant amount of money on sunglasses despite the fact that i wear them everyday rain or shine. especially when you can get the same look for less.

  5. I am a cheap sunglasses girl myself, but I am rather obesssed with the House of Harlow pair :)

  6. I kind of am obsessed with the color of those Need Supply ones. These are all great picks though :).

  7. I love the super ones!

  8. Love the asos sunglasses (in the bottom row). So cute.

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