Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get it, girl.

First off, I had an interview with the lovely Nay of Fashion in Pictures for her blog, which you can read here. Thanks for featuring me Nay!

{NOTE: If I had a working camera, I'd be all over the outfit posts from the weekend, but until then, I'll just talk music if you don't mind.}

This past weekend was the Do-Division street festival. I always love summers in Chicago because there are so many great things to do for free. I was so excited to see Warpaint live, and they did not disappoint. There's actually been a lot of buzz this year about Warpaint. Shannyn Sossamon used to be their drummer and her sister is still currently in the band. Needless to say, these ladies have the LA connections to get the media attention they've been receiving. But they deserve it! I didn't hear about them until my friend's ex-roommate posted their music video "Elephants" on her Facebook page. It's a pretty rad song. If you haven't heard it, definitely take a minute to listen!

Photo Credit: JenWhy on Flickr

Yesterday was the first free Downtown Music Monday concert in Millenium Park that I've been to this summer. She & Him were the headliners and I admit, I wasn't super impressed with their music before, but after hearing Zooey's voice live, I am no longer skeptical of her talent. She is incredible live! I left before their encore in an effort to beat the INSANE crowd that surrounded us, but I still got a chance to witness the genius-ness of She & Him's cover of I Put a Spell on You. You have to listen to this song. I can assure you, it's beautifully haunting and all kinds of wonderful.

Photo Credit: SFMoe on Flickr


  1. Love love love Zooey. Glad you had fun!

  2. awwwww...thats one thing i will miss about chicago now that i'm gon. I have had the I put a spell on you cover for months and yes I agree it is amazing..

  3. love she&him! their cover of "you really got a hold on me" is one of my faves.

  4. I love She & Him too! big zooey fan :)

  5. Oh yeah, been lovin' Warpaint for a loooong time. They're amazing!!!