Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting Pantsy

First Row: Levis "Slight Curve" Slim Jean, Dorothy Perkins Linen Peg Trousers, Torrid Cropped Pants
Second Row: Converse Jeans, Gap High Waisted Cropped Jeans, Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans
Third Row: ASOS Peg Leg Pants, Dorothy Perkins Red Kick Flare Trousers, Jessica London Hot Pink Capris

Literally 1/4th of my closet is full of dresses and all I want to wear right now are pants! Go figure, huh? Above are all of the pants I've been coveting (including a couple of pairs that I've bought... the Converse jeans fit me like a glove and the ASOS pants are in transit to my apartment). It's not that I'm over my little collection of dresses, I've just never given pants much of a chance and with so many cute variations for spring, how could I resist?

It's always been a challenge for me to find jeans and pants that fit me properly. I have a straight hip and thigh (I find that most jeans in my size are cut for hourglass figures), and a 27" inseam. I have really short legs, I know! I'm really curious about the new Levi's "slight curve" jeans, and was so pleased to find out they come in plus sizes. A lot of people I know swear that white jeans only look good on super tall and thin girls, but I say screw 'em! I know I could rock a pair of white jeans, it's just a matter of finding a pair that skim my legs perfectly. I think it's really easy to get discouraged with negative messages like that, especially from girls my age. It's times like these where I really appreciate the strong community of women around the world that don't take no for an answer. You ladies inspire me!


  1. i too suffer from the same pant problem. high five to the 27 in inseam! i wanted to tell you that i found a pair of bootleg white trousers last year at, of all places, walmart. they were the petite cut and are a great cheap find. paired with wedges, they are fabulous. good luck on finding yourself a pair!

  2. I have exactly the opposite problem, I am addicted to pants, and am trying to wear dresses and skirts more often. I really don't like showing my legs, the back of my knees to be exact. But as you said, being virtually surronded by such beautiful and talented people for encouragement and support makes hurdling over insecurities that much easier. I really love those GAP high waisted jeans, they are to die for!!

  3. And you inspire us! Wear those white pants with pride!!!

  4. I'm normally a dress girl but our long miserable winter has left me pastier than ever and reaching for pants everyday. Here's to hoping for some sun and dress worthy weather! lol