Monday, April 18, 2011

The latest is the greatest

Blazer: Gap
Blouse, Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: Target
Flats: Art Effect
Bag: Aldo
Necklace: Renegade Craft Fair
Bracelet: Verameat

Sooo... I got my hair cut! I've been waiting for this change for months and I'm so happy it finally happened. It's been almost a week and I never want to go back! I'm a low maintenance kind of girl, and this new do is so easy to do before work. I love it! The bag is also a new addition to my wardrobe. I hadn't bought a new bag in forever! All of my bags are vintage, with exception of a few totes, my MBMJ bag that I bought in 2006, and my Fossil bag that I got last Christmas. Everything else is thrifted/bought through consignment. I should make a post about my purses because they all say a little something different about me. This new one was a perfect new addition. Perfect color, perfect shape, and perfect for spring!


  1. the short hair suits you girl! Ive been wanting to do something with mine for a while...but I dont even dye my hair..I should just be brave... YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL

    Mele, Australia
    ps. Im hosting a Deep Sea Pearl earring set from Broome Western Australia. check it out if you are interested <3

  2. I like the new haircut, very chic and just right for the spring/summer months! I also like that bag, but I'm afraid I can't fit all my nonsense into a bag that tiny. I really like the gold detailing on the bag. You look very comfortable and chic.

  3. Your hair looks wonderful! I agree with Notorious, it's perfect for the warmer months ahead. I'm loving the shades! How cool are they!

  4. Hey love your new Do! that bag is pretty pimp too, I guess I didn't realize that Aldo's makes more than just shoes....


  5. AHHHHH YOUR HAIR! It looks amazinggggg! It will be great for humid months! Ugh, love it lol.

    That cream Aldo bag is SO cute. I always love your causal looks, they make me hate my casual wardrobe of sweats and tee's lol.

    Frantic Dreams

  6. Oh I really love your hair! Its all gorgeous and tousled so it looks really easy and natural. I also am currently obsessed with polka dots so I love that top!

  7. the purse and the favs!!! i love love LOVE accessories, lol.

    your hair is great too! suits you well :-)


  8. Love the combination of polkadots, blazer and those jeans! Very cute!

  9. you look sensational! fantastic cut.

  10. Great haircut and lovely new handbag! I am a low-maintenence type of girl myself, and I've been thinking of cutting my hair into a bob lately. It's so easy to style and nice and light and airy for summer. I have a lot of hair, so mine always takes forever to dry when it's really long too, and I hate that. Yep, I think I just convinced myself!

  11. Your hair is so cute! I love it AND this outfit:)

  12. you're so beautiful girl! i like your style, and i wish i could find a pair of jeans fits me perfect like yours!
    hugs from italy!

  13. Very cute and businessy! i love the blazer with the polkadot shirt. very cute!! LOve the purse too!


  14. Your hair does look amazing, and I love that bracelet xx

  15. Those glasses, that bag, that bracelet...stunning! I want those pieces lol. Pretty.

  16. I love your new 'do and the outfit! Very chic...


  17. The inside blouse matches properly to the coat. It has a ragged and professional impact to the viewer.. I love seeing them.

  18. I love your bracelet! And the bag! <3 Your always so sleek and classic, and on top of that beautiful!


  19. NICE shades...but I digging that little cute bracelet.