Sunday, June 5, 2011

My favorite daydream

Blazer: Gap // Tunic, Shorts: Forever 21 // Boots: Evans // Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange // Cuff: Nakamol, from Art Effect // Necklace: Free People // Bag: Thrift

I've been looking high and low for an ankle boot perfect for the summer. Boots are kind of essential for me since I'm on my feet for long periods of time as a full time sales girl. Even if it's just one day a week, my feet feel much better by the end of my fifth day if I wear my boots or my white sneakers. It's funny because I have this image in my head of what I want but I cannot stress enough how difficult it is as a wide-footed gal to find cool and comfortable shoes. Does anyone out there know of any websites that have a nice selection of wide shoes? I have a lot that I know of and check daily (Torrid, Evans, One Stop Plus, New Look, Zappos) but I'd love to know if there's something I'm missing!


  1. I love these pictures, your outfit looks great with the background, pretty cool. I don't know of any wide width boots girl, but good luck finding them.


  2. You look great. I'm looking for a pair of shoes myself to work in retail. Luckily I am in a kiosk so no one has to look at my feet. :p

  3. Love this, especially your top! Have you tried New Look? I believe they ship internationally.

  4. I've looked at New Look and nothing ever grabs me. I've also contacted them about their wide shoes because unlike Evans and Next, they never really say if it's Wide or XWide. So that always makes me hesitant to order.

  5. I know this might sound silly, but do you ever check the Payless site? They offer wide sizes.

    They offer wide fits for a various selection of shoes.
    btw i absolutely adore your top =)

  7. Love that thrifted bag, Aztec-y prints are all over the place this season, but that one looks more like the real deal (Not made by ancient Aztecs, but maybe in Mexico)

    Love your blog,


  8. I loooove white lace with black accents. Very chic!

  9. I post one of your photos in my blog, Of course with your link on it...
    come visit and let me know if you like it =)