Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Virgin

Well, it's the last week of June and it's definitely been the longest month ever. I've been so stressed out that my skin has been breaking out because all I can think about are possible changes in my life. But that's normal, right? Anyway, thank goodness for my week vacation in Dallas! I leave July 1st and I'll be back in Chicago on the 7th so I'm super excited about that. Even though all my vacations in the last four and a half years have been to Dallas, I can't be bitter. I miss my fam! On top of that, my brother is visiting me in Chicago a week after I return to the Midwest. Yay for family!

Speaking of family (I love a good segue), I have been obsessing over Vintage Virgin, a fashion blogger that is also a mom. Her look isn't 100% my style, but I appreciate that she styles her vintage pieces in a very current way. Just seeing her blog really inspired me to bust out my vintage clothing and play around with my more modern pieces. It seems like an obvious thing to do, but sometimes I ignore the more unique pieces in my closet because my newer pieces are just easier to style (aka I've been caught being lazy, haha). Anyway - her story really got me thinking the other day. I know I've been one to speak about how little time I feel that I have to spend blogging, but if this mom can do it, and OFTEN, then maybe time isn't an excuse for me? Maybe there's something deeper that passes photo opportunities and the like that I'm not willing to admit. Hmm. Food for thought.


  1. She's lovely, very impressive style. I love thrift shopping but it gets difficult to find anything unless I make an entire day of it at several thrift shops. Great post!

  2. i love your blog! hope you're feeling better. definitely following :)

    sarah rose

  3. Super duper lovely blog!


  4. i adore her style!.. I'm so happy I ran into your blog.. will definitely follow you and her!