Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoe obsessions

The last time I actually went shopping was at the beginning of July, yet it seems like it's been forever ago. I only bought a few things here and there, returned some, and have worn the rest. Actually, I did buy a coat from the store I work at, but I used money I made from my shop so in my eyes, it doesn't count! It's a blessing and a curse that I've been so broke lately because I'm seeing SO much that I need. Every year I manage to scour up everything I'm lusting over into a wishlist and only end up buying one or two items. This year, I'm trying to be good since money is so sparse. I really need to focus on buying the right footwear to get me through the 6-7 months of fall/winter that Chicago is so famously known for.

Through scouring the internet for the best styles in shoes my size, I always seem to forget about Torrid. When I think of past footwear styles by this company, I think of 5" heel, patent leather hooker shoes. Needless to say, that's not really my thing. Recently I've noticed that they have seriously stepped up their game in terms of styles available in wide width. I'm super stoked that they're having a buy one get one half off sale, but I have to really simmer down my wants into needs.

The Nina // Camel Oxfords // The Serina // The Lola

Love the Nina flat, but I know I'd only wear it with a couple of black shift dresses in my closet and that would be the end of that love affair. I'd definitely get a lot of use out of the camel oxfords, so those are on my needs list. The Serina flats I'm still considering as a need, and as much as I love the Lola style, I realize that they're not a total necessity.

The Wendy in Brown and Black // The Lucky in Brown and Black

I love the Wendy, especially because of the wedge but realistically, I am on my feet 5 days out of the week with 8.5 hour workdays. I probably couldn't wear them to work and I'd be too tired to pull them off after hours. The Lucky has a more sensible heel with a 1/2 platform and 3" heel and after seeing this post from Calivintage, I realize that the brown booties need to be on my feet immediately.

The Lucy // The Tasha // The Toya // The Trusol

As much as I love the tall boot styles above and others on their site, there still isn't a style that I'm obsessing over. What I'm really looking for is a brown mid-calf flat-1.5" heel boot with little embellishments. The Trusol is a popular style that I've been seeing the past couple of years, but is only currently available in black. The Tasha is great but I'm kind of over the knee high look. Crossing my fingers that I'll find the perfect pair!


  1. Have you tried DuoBoots.com? They're gorgeous and they offer custom calf widths.
    Love ur blog!
    Chic(k) Style Blog

  2. I am a sucker for flats HAND DOWN!!!

  3. DEf the wendy in the brown, hot city boot that can take you all over town and back!


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