Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hoarder in the Making

From Left to Right: Made in Belgium, from Buffalo Exchange, $12 // Made in Turkey, from Unique Thrift Store, $5 // (My newest addition) Made in the USA, from Unique Thrift Store, $5

Just a short post to show off a new addition to my carpet bag collection! I didn't really need it, but you can't taunt me with details like that and a $5 price tag. It's too cruel! I don't want to be a hoarder or anything, so I may have to eventually sell or trade one of these in the near future. For now, I'll just study the insane amount of detail that goes into the production of this style bag. It's intriguing!


  1. You know... Carpet purses are something I have always seen in thrift stores and I thought they had flare but I have never bought one. With this post, it makes me revisit the idea of them again. If I see one with intricate designs, I may just have to snatch it up. :)


  2. I bought one yesterday :) It was £8 from Primark and is sooooo cute. It is more tapestry than carpet tbh. I love the white one best :)


  3. Lovely bags! i like the white one on the far right....great find!

  4. Love these bags..especially the white one! I must be a horrible hoarder, because I'm sitting here thinking "Threes not too bad at all". I love that I could picture each bag with totally different outfits even though they are all categorized as "carpet bags". This post makes me want to run out to my local thrift store and see if I can find anything!

  5. i can't believe you thrifted thooooose! gah! they are all beautiful!