Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cat lady

Cardigan: Old Navy
Blouse: Forever 21
Pin: Renegade Craft Fair
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Hue, from Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Evans
Bag: Thrifted

I have to talk about this little wooden heart pin. You can't really tell from the photos but the orange dot in the center is a little cat with ears and little dotted eyes and whiskers. HE IS SO CUTE. Anytime I wear this pin out, someone says something about him. I love quirky things like this little guy. Forgive me for being modest, but I like that it's subtle enough to go unnoticed. I'm not trying to blow anyone's mind with my clothes, but I do love details.

The bag is something I've owned for a while but rarely get the chance to wear. Of course I love that it's mustard yellow. Who do I have to talk to to be the spokesperson for that color?


P.S. I want to say thank you to everyone that commented on my last post about my grandfather's passing. He was an incredible, hilarious, and loving man. I'm going to miss him.


  1. I love your Cardigan, it looks so great on you!

  2. such a classy and still cute combination! and the blouse with the cardigan! OUH LA LA! :D

  3. I'm loving the skirt...cant believe its thrifted! I have to go thrifting. I really love that bag btw it really helps complete the whole outfit!

  4. I love the way you put things together, this is so cute. Sorry to hear about your Grandad passing.

  5. I love this! It might sound a little weird, but people have a tendency to sort-of hide behind their sweaters and and such--they use them as they would a jacket or a blazer rather than as they would a blouse. This looks great tucked in, though! I'd never have thought to do it. And, I'm very sorry about your grandfather's passing.

  6. The pin is such a perfect touch! Definitely the cherry on top :).

  7. I LOVE the colors here. This is fantastic!

    I'm really sorry about your loss of your Grandfather. I hope you are able to heal while also keeping him your heart. ♥

  8. I love this outfit- the pin is seriously cute and the bad is so cool!

  9. Katherine - This was the first time I've ever tucked my cardigan into my skirt. I've seen thin girls do it all the time and decided I wanted to try. Some may argue that it's unflattering for my body shape, but that's bullshit! I really liked this outfit and the way it fit. You should give it a try! :)

  10. You are so cute! And I love how you put your clothes together! Who takes your photos for you? The photography is really cool too! :) xx

  11. I absolutely ADORE that pin, the whole outfit is super cute!

  12. I love yout skirt, you look gorgeous ;)