Monday, February 1, 2010

Pack your things and go


Coat - Thrifted
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Some Kmart brand
Boots: Vintage Naturalizer, Ebay

Seriously though - I'm obsessed. I find myself leaving certain thrift stores in pure awe. This coat is in the most beautiful condition and yet it was priced at $5.99 (plus I got it 25% off)! Those boots are also a great find on Ebay. They're 7W which is crazy hard to find in vintage shoes. They're also a shade or two lighter/brighter than shown in these pictures.

In other news, I just moved from my studio apartment in Uptown to Lakeview in Chicago. I'm loving it so far! I had a horrible moving experience but I'm so glad it's over and that I'm settling into a one bedroom! I have a few more outfit posts from the weekend in my old apartment that I have to share with you guys sometime this week. Since this is a garden unit, natural light is going to be hard to come by which kind of sucks but I'm trying to stay positive. As far as taking pictures for the blog, I think I'll be investing in a tripod so I can take pictures in the city. You can't really get a better backdrop than the city of Chicago.


  1. I really love your style =)

  2. love the coat (and outfit)! did you get the coat at a chicago thrift store?

  3. Thanks! Yes I did - Unique Thrift Store's are definitely worth checking out. I almost never come empty handed.

  4. love this!!! sooo happy you started a blog!