Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Wishlist

Though I love thrifting, I have to admit - I'm an e-window shop-a-holic. We're talking Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Asos... mostly those European companies we all love, along with a couple of guilty pleasure mall stores. It's (unfortunately) rare that I actually spend my money on these websites, but the items I love will typically remain in my "Wishlist" folder until they're out of stock. All of these items are neatly organized by brand and/or category of clothing (If only I had the time to organize my own life?).

Here are many of my favorites that I can only hope will someday be in my hands and on my body:

Zoe Cardigan from Delias
Navy Polka Dot Mac from Evans
Boyfriend Cardigan from ASOS Curve
Noelle Plaid Cardigan from Delias

Shirt dress from Eshakti
Kimono lace dress from ASOS Curve
Denim peplum dress from Faith 21
Sweetheart dress from Faith 21
Button detail dress from ASOS Curve

Belted vent top from Faith 21
Silk dotted top from Faith 21
Flutter sleeve spotted top from New Look
Denim jeggings from ASOS Curve
Black sailor shorts from Dorothy Perkins
Floral culottes from Faith 21


  1. so many amazing things, but that polka dot mac is the winner!!


  2. I know, right? And it's surprisingly affordable on the Evans website after the 20% off. I just may have to indulge...

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog and style! And everything you listed from F21 is on my wishlist too! :) LOL Feel free to check out my blog when you get the chance :)

  4. I'm so on board with the polka dot Mac as well. Drool.

  5. You and me both, girl. I often fill up the shopping cart, look through the items one last time, copy them to my polyvore, and pine away. The polka dot Faith21 shirt might need to go on my list now. I have already bookmarked several of the ones you like, too. Our tastes really overlap a lot! :)

  6. Lovely! all I like they way you think, I would wear most items except the strapless dresses, my girls are too big to hold up anything strapless....LOL
    I am getting the eShakti shirt dress, I am gonna do a review so you should check out my blog in the coming weeks! Love the blog!

  7. Hello, I love your blog and wish list! I need that shirt dress! I would love to do a blog spotlight on you on Please email me at

  8. Lovely items. That sweetheart dress from Faith 21 is super cute! I just added a bunch of items to my wishlist too :)

  9. Soo many cute things! I normally only window shop too, but I've been trying to make a birthday wishlist on lately (at my family's request), so I think I will definitely be adding the polka dot shirt and the little floral and gray dress. Amazing!

  10. Old Navy has a very similar boyfriend cardigan in many a color. I picked it up in oatmeal/beige, and it was still there in a fair stock last time I went (about three weeks ago). The ASOS cardi looks thicker, but the ON is still comfy as all get out.

    Good stuff!

  11. What a cute blog. I just got that denim dress in the mail from FOrever21. I'm working on some outfit ideas. Keep up the good blogging.