Thursday, February 4, 2010

The time is now

Beret: Forever 21
Blazer: Thrifted
T-shirt: H&M
Pants: Kmart
Boots: Evans
Necklace: Renegade Craft Fair
Pin: Thrifted
Bag: Thomas Paul,

If these pictures say anything, they say it's time that I purchase a new pair of black skinny jeans and/or pants! These are actually holding up pretty well for wearing them so often. They're super comfortable and feel like sweat pants, but they're just looking kind of dumpy lately. Since I'm constantly bookmarking things I want on the web, I'll probably make my first wishlist post pretty soon! I just want to make sure this blog doesn't turn into a strictly-outfit blog. I don't want to get too monotonous!

Also - I just want to thank y'all for commenting on my posts! I know I'm only a few posts into this blog but I appreciate all the sweet things you guys say. So again, thank you!!