Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello ambition, it's nice to meet you.

My mind is getting pretty carried away these days. I want to do everything but I'm realizing there's enough time to spread it all out. As the semester is coming to an end, there are several projects out there that I am just dying to do. Here's a top 5 list, in no particular order, of projects I'd love to work on this summer.

You've probably seen this project done everywhere, but it's probably because 1. it's really awesome looking, and 2. it seems pretty easy to do. I moved into my new apartment shortly after this semester began, and it's still pretty bare. I'd love to add a focal piece like this to my kitchen.

Okay, so this is a project that may be slightly difficult but I feel like I NEED to do. Preferably with a handful of friends for a mid-evening picnic in the park.

Fabric Pom-Poms {Once Wed}

This is another project that seems really easy. I want to string smaller versions of these together along with some yarn pom poms (maybe about 10 spread out side by side). I think it could be another focal point on one of my bare white walls.

Doily Table Runner {Ashley Ann}

Isn't this so pretty? It makes me want to go thrifting so bad. I actually don't have a dining room table right now, but when I do, I want to make this runner for everyday use.

Paper Clock {Design Sponge}

SO COOL! I just found this on Design Sponge tonight and I think it would be perfect in my living room. I always pass by the Paper Source and force myself to not go in. This could be the tipping point in which I indulge in pretty sheets of paper. It's not always fashion that makes me weak in the knees!


  1. These are very pretty- your apartment is going to look amazing!

  2. I love them, but I think I will try out the pompoms, they may will to great dd to a belt or a necklace!

  3. i love the once wed stuff! so so pretty!!

  4. Nice projects!! :D that's gonna be so much fun to do, it's so nice to do some creative work every now and then :D

  5. Oh fun! Those are neat projects! Makes me want to get out my crafting gear and get to work :D

  6. Nice project selections. So whimsical!

  7. lovely projects, and very inspiring and springy!

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  8. Oh I love the clock idea! You'll have to keep us posted!

  9. i love the mirror, Christina who made it is amazing, an incredible inspiration!!!
    and i love the doilies, cool projects!!!