Thursday, May 6, 2010

Makeover meltdown!

If anyone reading this knows me, you probably know that I'm an au naturale kinda gal. And when I say au naturale, I'm referring to my face. And by that I mean I can count the number of times I've worn makeup on one hand. I'm turning 23 in August (oh god..) and I've been seriously thinking that it's time to leap in the world of cosmetics while I'm still young.

I think my main objective is to buy a product that feels natural and is affordable. I've heard great things about Bare Escentuals, so I was thinking of popping into a Sephora and buying the $60 kit they have available on the website. And hopefully they'll apply some on me? Is that what they do at Sephora? Ahhh. I need help! If any of you guys know of a product I should try out, let me know in the comments section or e-mail me!

I also just decided that I NEED these clubmaster-style sunglasses in white this summer. I'm thinking they'll look adorable with red lips and blunt bangs. I just don't know whether to get the $27 with shipping vintage pair, the $10 Urban Outfitters pair in grey, or the $17 ASOS pair in nude. What would you do?

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  1. Sephora is awesome! They definitely will apply things and let you try out everything. You can even ask to take samples of anything in the store home.

    I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and I love Physician's Formula Organic Wear foundation. It's very natural with great ingredients and doesn't break me out. I've tried a lot of foundations, too -- Juice Beauty, Stila, Tarte -- but drugstore Organic Wear is my favorite! Sorry I sound so much like a commercial, I just love this stuff.

    I wrote a blog post about a couple of my favorite makeup products, if you're interested. My Favorite Cheap Makeup at Bargain Fatshionista.

    BTW: The photo isn't showing up :(. Flickr says it's private.

  2. i swear by bare escentuals.

    i have AWFUL skin - it's oily, prone to breakouts, discoloration, acne scars, the awful works - and you can barely tell with bare escentuals. since you don't wear a lot of makeup and you seem like you have good skin, you probably won't need to use a whole lot and it will last you a long time - definitely worth the investment.

    if i was you, i would try finding an actual bare escentuals store (that's where i got started) - they did it for me right in the store. i think it was a few bucks cheaper than it was at sephora too (not much) and ALSO the last time i went there they put the stuff i bought in a cute tote bag. so that is a plus.

    whatever you choose, i hope it works for you!
    xox jen

  3. i wear bare escentuals, and i love it. they are kind of on the expensive side (at least for me), but it lasts a long time! the first time i tried them out, i went to a sephora, and they applied it to my face first to see how i'd like it. they always help with picking the right color to use for your skin tone! base escentuals now has a matte formula as well, which is pretty divine! good luck :)

  4. I have the same problem. I'll be looking at this post too for help. I barely wear makeup, my skin isn't really prone to breaking out but I think I could use some cosmetics haha.

  5. I used frequent the makeupalley boards and the model mayhem makeup artist boards a lot and there are a lot of Bare Minerals haters. Though I would not use it for pro freelancing, I am a convert to the matte formula for myself. I have oily skin and I hated the original so much I wrote scathing reviews and gave it away, but tried the matte and I love it. It is easy to apply with the right brush and makes my skin look great. I usually mist with a light setting spray to keep it from looking powdery, but it is fine by itself too.

    Sephora employees are able to apply it to you and help you with choosing the right color, so I would recommend trying it out there and seeing how you feel. People seem to either completely love this makeup or really hate it.

    PS: First time commenter, love your blog!

  6. Oops! Sorry about the picture, folks. It's loading now. And thanks for the suggestions! I don't think there is an actual Bare Escentuals store in Chicago, so I guess I'll be going into Sephora sometime soon. Kinda nervous though! Ha.

  7. Sephora is always good. Their very helpful and will do whatever style you want with your makeup. I sometimes delibratly go buy makeup before an event so I can have them do my make up for me LOL.

    Ive heard a lot about Bare Escentuals and I think that would be a great one for you.

    Moisteriser with a SPF is always a must have since you dont want to get sun damage wrinkles (I acutally double up on SPF, I know I probably wipe away some of the moistiorizer when I put on my foundation but I figure might as well go all out so I always make shure I have a foundation that has an SPF also).

    A good skin cleanser to take your makeup off at night is also a must.

    If your looking along the lines of a more affordable foundation I have had good experiences with L'Oreal True Match and Im currently wearing Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer.

  8. Oh, and makeup is for having fun.

    find a light foundation you like and then when it comes to stuff like eye and lip color just sit infront of the mirror and play around till you find something you like.

  9. I can TOTALLY relate about the makeup. I turn 30 this year (AHHHH!) and can count my makeup-wearin'-times on two hands. I really want to try to use it more... but I really don't know what to buy.

    I would really love to hear about your experiences breaking into the makeup world - maybe a series of posts about it? I'm already a faithful reader :)

    -Rebecca (

  10. I can totally relate to the whole make-up thing. I don't wear it, mainly because I'm awful at putting on anything besides lip stick/ gloss and the smallest amount of eyeliner. I feel like i always put way too much on and then look weird. But i have been wanting to at least get more comfortable with it and have been looking at bare essentials too. you'll have to do a post about how it all goes once you go to sephora.

    Also those glasses are really cute i may just have to get a pair too.

  11. i like the vintage ones best and the UO pair in second place!

  12. I totally agree with you on the sunglasses. I have the grey UO pair and I love them!

  13. I love the ASOS pair! Can't help with the make up as I've never tried Bare Escentuals and we don't have Sephora :'(

  14. I use Aveda foundation. It's like Bare Escentuals, but in my opinion better. I am assuming for girls like us who don't (and are not used to) wearing a ton of makeup, it's a better fit. Because BE has various powders you're supposed to put on to get the completed look... Aveda has mastered it in one single foundation! It's just a lot less nonsense to worry about.

    Plus, it's great for your skin and animal friendly :) . Those are just my thoughts! I hope you end up with something you love :) .


  15. I used bare essentials for about 2 years before having to switch to something with more coverage b/c I'm really acne prone & self-conscious about it.

    That said, I loved it b/c you don't feel like you're wearing makeup at all! It's really natural looking so I think you'll like it since you're not used to wearing makeup. The starter kit is an amazing deal especially b/c the brushes come with it. Other than that, I'd recommend getting their brush cleaner b/c it works great & makes the brushes last longer.

    Good luck & I hope you like the results!

  16. well I dont know that much about makeup, but for the sunglasses i suggest the vintage ones or the ones from Urban Outfitters, you can never go wrong with U.O.
    Love Poppy
    follow me : )

  17. Olive, there IS an actual BE store in Chicago! At Water Tower.

  18. sephora is great but so is your local nordstrom/macys. I am a big believer in Nars products. so light and easy on the skin! good luck!

  19. Ohhh snap Mari! I didn't realize that. Thanks for letting me know!

    I almost just want to test out all of the mentioned products and see which I like best. Haha, I guess you can call me a freeloader but it seems like there are just too many options out there.

  20. I hear you, and the result is always different for everyone. What's perfect for me could be all wrong for you, and vise versa.

    The best of luck to ya' lady.

  21. You don't really need any makeup ( you have pretty skin!), but if you want to wear some, i recommend a tinted moisturizer. Most have SPF, and extras like vitamins. It won't feel heavy but you'll get the look of perfect skin.

  22. I am a fan of Stila's tinted moisturizers. They also have exceptional finishing powders. I also like Aveda's foundations. The best drugstore foundation I found was Almay.

    The best advice I ever got was that you don't have to put foundation on your whole face, you can just put it where you need it. I usually only apply makeup to the T-zone, chin, upper lip, base of the nose, and leave the cheeks bare. This makes it hard to get that caked on look.