Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Falling for the Gap

About 7 months ago, in an effort to prove my adulthood, I decided that I needed to build a credit history. As someone who had gone 23 years without a credit card, I was rejected a few times from certain companies, but the Gap was (is) officially the first credit card I've ever had. 7 months later, I have spent almost the entire $500 and needless to say, I'm overall pretty obsessed. They have definitely stepped it up, so kudos to Patrick Robinson for that. Right now I am aching for these gems, particularly the white denim skinny trousers, pink bow belt, and yellow skirt. I'm not sure if I can pull off the odd color trouser look, but I definitely think I need to give it a shot after seeing those peach chinos.

Cropped Skinny Trouser Jean, Skinny Leather Bow Belt, Drapey Sequin Shorts

Suede Wedge Gladiators, Double Buckle Belt, Suede Laser Cut Tote

The Soft Pant, Pull-On Skirt, Broken In Skimmer

P.S. It was really nice meeting some of my readers at the Gold and the Beautiful clothing swap! I had a funny run-in with Gabi of YFF where she asked me if I had a tumblr. A couple of people have asked me that recently, so I decided to actually use the one I created months ago. Check it out here!


  1. I need to build a credit history too, but GAP didn't reject you? Hmm..maybe I should try.

  2. I know, right? I tried to get a Macy's card before that and it didn't work automatically, but they sent me something in the mail where I had to "prove" something... I forget what it was. But yeah, Gap has really stepped it up, you should go in one of their stores and see if you can sign up!

  3. oh man...Gap was like a uniform when I was in HS! I lost touch but now it looks like i'm drifting back! great post