Monday, February 28, 2011


A few months ago I was approached by Nordstrom to do a product review for their new plus size line Sejour. Sejour was created to meet the needs of the modern customer while still offering the core styles that their typical Nordstrom customers love. I feel like I embody that statement so well, and I'm beyond pleased to have worked with the Sejour team. The quality of their pieces have a finesse that was lacking in my wardrobe, and they all have a timeless quality that can easily be interpreted and styled in a younger, hipper way. In the effort to take photos of these pieces, I decided that I'd post four outfits this week using my favorite Sejour items.

First up is this silky boyfriend blazer that looks best when worn with the sleeves rolled up. I've also worn this blazer with flowy floral dresses with a belt to define my shape. The fabric is so soft and silky and the construction is truly top notch!

Blazer: Sejour
Tunic: Gap
Shorts and Boots: Thrift
Tights: Nordstrom brand


  1. Lovely hair, and gorgeous blazer. xx

  2. I'm really loving that blazer I'm going to have to check out and by one !!! I've been on the hunt for one. :D

  3. that blazer looks great! i'm glad they approached you to review this, because i wouldn't have known about it otherwise. checking out the collection now :)

  4. This looks like such a versatile piece and the color is wonderful!