Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cozy nooks and secret passages




Blazer: Thrifted
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy, Thrifted
Tights: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Renegade Craft Fair
Bag: Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue, Thrifted

This shirt is becoming my favorite and least favorite shirt in my closet right now. It's perfectly slouchy but it's one of those shirts that has a longer hem in the back than in the front. The only way I can wear it without looking completely ridiculous is tucked into a basic skirt or tucking the back into a pair of jeans. Pretty inconvenient, but it's usually worth it. That bag is one of my craziest finds at Unique Thrift Store. Just as we were being re-introduced to the pyramid stud, I find this gorgeous navy bag with pyramid studs for $5! The kicker was that it's vintage from Saks Fifth Avenue. I don't wear this bag nearly enough.

Lastly, I thought I'd introduce you to a couple of old companions and their beautiful new picture frames that I got for $1 each. I searched high and low for the artist of the first print but couldn't track it down! This photo does no justice to the colors and the detail of the frame! The second print is from Berkley Illustration and I think it's the sweetest photo ever! It comes with a little card that reads: "This cute little couple lives in a yellow cottage full of cozy nooks and secret passages. You may find it a bit peculiar, but their best friend is a grey cat from France". Yeah. I'm in love.


  1. I always love how you arrange your photos! Love this outfit; that blazer is awesome.


  2. the blazer looks perfect on you!! and the bag is so great, what a truly great vintage thrift find.

  3. I love your outfit- I'm always weary I'll look like a man if I wear any structured piece, but you make it look so feminine.

  4. What! You are too gorgeous to ever be mistaken for a man. I can promise you that.

  5. Lovely as usual... that jacket looks really good!