Monday, March 29, 2010

Paper heart

Dress: H&M, from Crossroads
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes, Bag, Belt, and Ring: Thrifted
Paper Doilies: 25 cents at Brown Elephant!

I have a lot of tote bags and this one has to be one of my favorites. It was $1 at Salvation Army and it's a little San Francisco trolley with wooden handles. I've never been to California, much less San Francisco, so I feel like a bit of a poser when I wear this! Haha. But I absolutely adore it and it goes with pretty much anything I wear.

I'm really excited to use these paper doilies for some craft projects I've been wanting to do. Spring break is officially over and it's back to reality - never having time for anything fun! I complain and complain about not being able to do stuff, but boy did I get a lot done this past week! I got a new bed (Ryan and I have been sleeping on a floor for 2-3 months... it's a long story!), new desk, new bookcase, and we fixed our cable service and got a replacement phone for Ryan. All of these things have been floating around in my to-do list and we finally got them done. Yay!


P.S. I just bought 3 new pair of shoes that I'm really excited about at Evans. I'd been waiting for them to have another 20% off code and they have one on their website right now. It ends tonight at midnight, so hurry! More on those purchases tomorrow. :]


  1. you are too cute! I love the tote bag.

  2. tres jolie tenue,j aime bcp ;O)

  3. Before reading, I was just going to say you seem to have lots of cute bags! Love the outfit :)

  4. Such a cute look and I love your love for totes!


  5. Paper dollies, i havent seen those in forever, so cute. I love the bag its super cute and i like your ring too. Cute outfit as always!