Friday, March 5, 2010

Oxford comma

Brown: Bakers, from Brown Elephant
Gold: Made by Elves, from Brown Elephant
Maroon: Trotters, Thrifted

I have a very strong desire to find THE perfect oxfords. The maroon pair I've had for a while and I recently found the brown and gold pair at Brown Elephant during two separate trips. I find that it's really difficult to turn down a pair of shoes that are exactly what you're looking for, but may not actually fit. First, I'll just say that I only paid $5 or less for each pair. How can you turn that down? The brown pair are EXACTLY what I've been wanting, in a size 7, and show little to no wear (I'll also mention that these are still selling at Bakers for $50) but they're just too narrow. The gold pair was originally sold at Urban Outfitters sometime around 2007. I remember when we got these and how I never understood how someone could pull them off. These do actually fit at a size 8 but I just don't think I can pull them off. And lastly, the maroon oxfords SHOULD fit - they're a 7W. As many times as I've tried to work them into different outfits, my feet just say NO.

So here I am, with 3 gorgeous pair of oxfords, and still somehow oxford-less. I will be patiently waiting for some company (Evans, are you reading this?!) to make an oxford that isn't painfully narrow, cheap looking, or super expensive.

Or maybe some of you readers out there already know of a brand that I don't know about? Please let me know!


  1. all of those are great!

    thats the one thing about thrift shopping, when you finally find what you were searching and hoping for, there always seems to be something that dosent make it work.

    i totally feel you on shoes being too narrow!

    good luck and i hope you find the perfect pair soon!


  2. Have you tried New Look? I've got wide feet and bought some brogue style shoes there once that are lovely! They've gone now, but i think they're getting some more soon. They have these on their website at the moment:
    (also, they do wide fitting shoes, but i find them a little too wide!)

  3. That's what a lot of people say about Evans wide fitting shoes but they fit me perfect! Normal sized shoes, unless they're meant to stretch out almost always hurt my feet. And yes I stalk New Look just like all the other European websites that ship to the US, haha. I noticed they had a pair of wide oxfords but I didn't buy them because they had no detail and were kind of cheap looking because of it. :(

  4. ever thought about taking the brown pair to a cobbler to get them stretched? if the shoes were only $5 then what do you have to lose? haha

  5. I have the same problem! I bought a pair of black oxfords on Ebay (they are, apparently, "vintage" 90s Franco Sartos). They are a smidge too narrow on me, but they are just the perfect basic black oxfords. I am quite envious of the ones you got. I love the gold ones. My most favorite, coveted oxfords right now are the metallic leather ones from Pour La Victoire, and are sadly way out of my price range. :( (they are these beauties:
    If you find them, let me know!


  6. I still can't believe I found those gold oxfords, because I never stopped thinking about not buying them when I worked at Urban. Then, bam! There they were, for $5! I love the ones you're coveting! There's something about a metallic shoe that just gets me. Here's another pair of metallic oxfords I've been stalking at a much more reasonable price!

  7. Ooh, those are adorable! And yes, much cheaper!

  8. I gave you a blog award :)
    Check it out:

  9. Obsessed with those shoes! All of them. You do a great job at mixing simple pieces into eye catching outfits. Love it!


  10. I love them all. The Golds Ones!

  11. I realize this is a pretty old blog entry, but if you've still got the brown ones, I'll gladly take 'em off your hands! :) Size 7 right here.