Monday, April 26, 2010

ASOS Review! had a great sale that started a couple weeks ago and I could not resist making an order! This was the best online purchase I've made in a really long time. Half of the things I ordered were full price in my wishlist and all of a sudden they were on sale! Don't you love when that happens? Not to mention that shipping is only $6 and my package got here really fast considering it was shipped from Europe. The sale is still going on, so make sure you stock up on some cute summer items! Anyway - on to the clothes. Here are most of the pieces that I purchased:

ASOS Button Detail Tie Waist Dress
I thought it was going to be shorter since it was in the main size range but thankfully it wasn't! I can handle short dresses in the fall paired with tights, but in the summer I like to be a bit more modest. This dress is definitely my favorite dress in my closet right now!


ASOS CURVE Woven Insert Tee
This is my favorite piece from my ASOS order. I saw some other reviews for this top in the past and they definitely made me curious. It really is perfection. Perfectly slouchy. Perfect length. And even though I am pretty modest when it comes to clothes and comfort, the sheerness is gorgeous and what makes this top stand out from my other purchases.

ASOS Bow Back Skater Dress
Isn't this dress darling? It was only a couple of weeks ago when I listed this in my wishlist post and I'm so happy to own it now! The only thing I don't like about this is how thin the fabric is and how flimsy it is. I can't imagine that it will be easy walking down the windy streets of Chicago without flashing someone. I also need to go bra shopping to get the fit and details perfect, but so far, I'm happy about the overall look.

ASOS CURVE Longline Boyfriend Cardigan & ASOS CURVE Forest Print Top
This might sound silly, but I already have a long grey boyfriend cardigan. I like this one a little better because the hem is curved (this is important!), but the only bummer is that it's a little big. I definitely wish I would have gotten this in the main size range, but hopefully it'll shrink a little after I wash it. The shirt is beautifully cut, but I actually wish I would have sized up so it could be a bit slouchier. Both pieces feel like quality fabrics and I'm still happy I purchased them!

I also purchased this ASOS Printed Fitted Waist Dress, but I don't have any pictures. Why, you ask? Because the fit was bananas! It's such a lovely, sweet little summer dress but the bust was way too big and the torso needed to be shortened at least two inches. Right now I'm getting it altered, as well as getting those H&M jeggings hemmed that were worn in the picture above, and a few things dry cleaned.

Longest post ever! I leave you with this, my friends:



  1. Nice post! You're making me want to purchase from ASOS more. Maybe I should just purchase the sale items while I can, then order non-sale items later? I want the bag that looks like the Mulberry Alexa, aahhh!

  2. Hello!

    I love your blog and those buys are really cute! I hope it's ok to ask this, but what size do you order? The size charts confuse me to no end and you look like you have pretty similar proportions to me, so I thought I'd ask. I love the forest print top especially and the dress with the bows on the back is darling!

    Keep up with the lovely blog ^_^


  3. Gazel - I know exactly what you're talking about!! I've also been pining over that bag. My next purchase will definitely include some of their accessories.

    RainbowStripe - No problem! I typically wear 16 on top and 18 on bottom in US sizes. All of the things I ordered were UK 20. Luckily for me, the blue dress and bow back dress are main size range pieces that go up to a UK 20. As far as the Curve line, like I said in the post, the cardigan was a little slouchier than I wanted and the tee was a little more form fitting than I wanted, but still all very solid pieces! The white tee was exactly how I wanted it to fit and I think a UK 18 would have been a better choice for that floral dress I didn't get a chance to show you guys.

  4. Thanks so much! If only the shipping to New Zealand wasn't so expensive :(

  5. AH so jealous, my Asos Curve order has not yet come in! Love all your pieces, very cute!

  6. very cuteee love tht bow dress.

  7. Hi!!

    I've awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award over at my blog -->

    xox Nat

  8. Aww Olivia, you are so cute and the ASOS buys look great! x

  9. OMG!!!! You look so cute and amazing. I just wrote an article about the fun ways to do the bow trend... can I use the picture above for my article? Pwetty Pweeze?!!! contact me at yramirez.diva(at)gmail(dot)com

    Also, see the same type of article I did for the floral trend

  10. Ok I know this post is about your fashionista lifestyle but I'm mostly in love with your little side table in the background. LOVE IT!! WANT TO PAINT IT!!
    Love your sister who loves you,

  11. oh, I love that bow back skater dress! so adorable. :)

  12. you are so cute! that bow dress is adorable. i also love that purse you paired with the woven insert tee.

  13. I love both of the dresses!

    Someday you have to do a post on your hair, by the way. It's way too perfect.

  14. olivia, these pieces looks like they were made for you! ure right! theyre perfect love!

  15. Rita - Step away from the furniture! Now, you know I'm a fan of your work, but there will be no painting of my nightstand! haha.

    Jenn - That bag is definitely a bag I don't use often, but it's one of my favorites for sure!

    Annissa - My hair is far from perfect! But thank you :)

    BBM - Thanks doll! I'm really excited to actually wear these out soon.

    Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

  16. Heading strait to Asos Curve! The blue dress has a place right in my wardrobe.

  17. I've always been hesitant to order from out of the US, but you have now convinced me! I love everything you have pictured here, as well as your daily outfit posts. You have great taste, love your blog so much!

  18. Great review! I love love love that sheer top! It looks perfect on you! I also love the bag you have with it? Vintage I presume?!

  19. no matter what you wear... you always look incredibly awesome! :D

  20. Nay - Get the blue dress. DO IT. And if you're a UK 20 or under, it's on sale on the website :)

    Mari - ASOS is definitely worth ordering from. Like I said in my post, the shipping is reasonable and only took a week to arrive at my doorstep! And thank you so much!!

    Polway - Yes! It's actually lined in velour, haha, so yeah it's straight from the 70's.

    Lodi - Thank you! You really are too sweet. :)

  21. CUTE. I LOVE the first dress... and also the bow-back one. I wonder if there's a way to DIY a dress like that?

    I have way too much sewing ambition for my present skill level, lulz.

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  22. Love both the dresses, adorable :)

  23. Helo,
    I just found your blog while browsing online. I'm from Brasil, and you have no idea how hard it is to find cute clothes for plus size girls. Anyway, your outfits are amazing! Keep posting, pleeeease. =)


  24. I'm planning to order from ASOS later today- most likely the boyfriend jeans & the exact same cardigan you're wearing. Can't wait to do so now that I've seen how great they look on you!

  25. Lovely items! Where on ASOS did you find these? Didn't come across these when browsing... those two dresses are lovely! Love them!!
    Sarah @

  26. I'm curious about where the hems might fall on me. About how tall are you/what is your inseam?

  27. I'm pretty short! I am 5'2 and my inseam is about 27" long.

  28. you're welcome haha ;) : I love your blog :)

  29. where's the bag in the second outfit from? i LOVE it.

  30. Hello there! Your shoes are awesome! where'd you get them from? (: