Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm dreaming of a simplified spring

For the first time ever, my wishlist consists of only black and white! I am a strong believer in color, but I can't resist these pieces.

Clockwise from top left:
Urban Outfitters Embellished Back Tee
Aldo Hillsgrove Tote
ASOS Bow Back Skater Dress
Faith 21 Grommet Trimmed Dress
Aldo Muth Shoulder Bag
Dorothy Perkins Pinstitch Bandeau Playsuit
Urban Outfitters Peter Pan Tunic
ASOS Shopper/Backpack

I know it sounds weird, but I've never owned a black shoulder bag, and since I can't afford Miu Miu (hi dream bag designer), I think these two from Aldo are lovely! The romper from Dorothy Perkins needs to find a way into my closet or I don't know how I'll deal! It's a little pricey, but I'm still dreamin'. The dresses are simple, but have just the right amount of detail to keep me wanting. The black top is gorgeous but I'd definitely need to invest in the right bra in order to pull it off (same with the ASOS bow back dress). All of these pieces are so good! I actually had to make another folder just for them entitled "Extreme Wishlist". I'm obsessed, haha.

P.S. I made a new header!


I made this sample last week in my jewelry making class. It's just a piece of brass (2.5" x 1"... don't let the photo fool you!) with hammered letters. Lets just pretend that I intended on making the "D" in "Day" backwards. Haha. Though I love its imperfections, I knew I could fix it with some minor tweaking in Photoshop. And voila! New header. This class was such a drag at first, but it's really growing on me. I made a sample ring out of copper the other day and we're making rings tomorrow night using silver. It's way harder than I ever anticipated, but I'm pretty excited about it!


  1. Nice picks, the black tee and the ASOS bow dress are my favorites! :) ps. love the new banner!

  2. That Faith 21 dress is darling. I love the new header, it's so perfect for your style. I almost wish you had kept the D backwards, but then I love charming mishaps!

  3. Great picks for spring! That bow back ASOS dress is too adorable and I love your new header! Its a great touch that you made it yourself

  4. Nice picks, I love the ASOS dress and the black bag...I want!