Monday, April 12, 2010

Every girl has baggage

I'm definitely guilty of trying to cram as much junk in my bag as possible! This particular bag probably gets the most use because it's easy to wear with the long strap, and it looks small but has enough room inside to carry my essentials. So here's my baggage in all its glory!

Grey pouch to carry my digital camera, 80 gig iPod and Panasonic headphones (I hate that everyone has these now!), new agenda via nothingelegant on etsy, bag thrifted from Salvation Army, LG En-v Touch from Verizon, vintage pouch for random anythings from Buffalo Exchange, Upass, keys, thrifted sunglass case, sunglasses from Buffalo Exchange, lip balm from Anthropologie (gift), hair ties, bobby pins, and tissue because you never know, thrifted wallet.

I'm so glad I bought this planner! I've been needing one since the end of last year and was waiting to buy the perfect one. I finally found this one by O-Check and it was my first Etsy purchase!


  1. Nice post showing what's in your bag, I Love looking through friends bags and wallets, like a kid almost. hehe, "what's this?" "Oh" This is nice!" "What card is this for?" :P

  2. oh, I *love* that planner! from what seller did you get it?